How is Sommet Responding to the Coronavirus Situation?


To comply with National authorities of each country in which we operate a campus, we have suspended classroom teaching in all of our schools, Glion, Les Roches, and Ecole Ducasse.

During the suspension of face-to-face classes, some campuses will remain open providing accommodation, catering, health support and other services to our students who were unable to join their families’ due to travel or boarder restrictions. Our teams are entirely committed to go hand in hand with each student to find the best individual solutions.

In this complex context, our priority is to ensure the safety as well as the continuity of studies of all our students. We switched to remote learning for both of our schools, Glion and Les Roches. Regarding Ecole Ducasse, teaching is suspended at the moment due to the practical side of the studies and will resume according to the authorities’ decisions.


Where can I find additional information? 

You can find information by visiting the websites of GlionLes Roches, and Ecole Ducasse to read more about the situation. The information is updated regularly.



When did your schools suspended their classroom teaching?

We have 9 campuses in 5 countries (Switzerland, China, Spain, the United Kingdom, and France) and for each we complied with National Authorities’ recommendations.

For example, regarding our campuses in Switzerland and France, classes have been suspended on Monday, March 16th following the instructions of Swiss federal authorities and the French government.


Are you delivering online courses as an alternative to classroom teaching?

Regarding Ecole Ducasse, teaching is suspended at the moment due to the practical side of the studies and will resume according to the authorities’ decisions.

To ensure the continuity of studies, we have switched to remote learning for Les Roches and Glion Institute of Higher Education since Tuesday, March 17th.

We have set-up a task-force on this specific subject with IT and faculty expert.

As of today, we have over 1000 videos of content that have been created by our faculty experts which are shared to the students of both Glion and Les Roches. The video content is completed by online Q&A session for students in all programs with a positive feedback from both students and faculty.


Have you considered a solution for exam sessions?

Our on-line task force is working on it.

Many of our faculty members have had to resort to alternatives in the past and for specific cases, replacing for instance oral exams with videoconferences. In the case of online written assessments, we have also been using Turnitin to ensure the integrity of the homework and prevent plagiarism.

Our Faculty is now evaluating solutions for face-to-face exams in each branch, bearing in mind that in our schools, the evaluation processes are continuous in many courses.


Are the accommodations for students closed? What are the solutions for students restricted by the lack of flights towards specific countries? What are you suggesting to students in terms of accommodation during this time?

Our campuses are temporarily closed at the exception of catering, accommodation and student services including health care and other services for students who were not able to go home. A reinforced hygiene and health protocol and controls have been implemented to ensure the safety of the students.

The vast majority of our students were able to go back home.


Will students be able to complete their studies as planned?

Our crisis management procedure is clear, everything is implemented to achieve this objective. In terms of theoretical branches, it is easier to implement alternative solutions to face-to-face classes. For practical arts which is more complex, postponements and compensatory sessions are considered.


What solutions have you adopted for students in internships in Switzerland or abroad?

As each situation is unique, our career and internship services are in permanent contact with all the students in internships in order to support them with personalized solutions and ensure their safety.


Have you implemented a hotline to advise students, families, and staff members?

Yes, the personalized coaching and follow-up on each student is at the core of our schools since their creation.

The Student Service department have been reinforced to ensure the relationship between students, families, and dedicated faculty members as well as provide personalized responses based on each specific situation.



When do you plan on resuming your face to face teaching?

We have reviewed carefully different scenarios and are now forecasting to resume our face to face teaching for Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches in July with a revision of our academic calendar based on a new intake postponed in October.

Given these current uncertainties, this is what we believe is both a realistic and a safe scenario for all. Obviously, we will size any opportunity to enable an earlier start should the situation allow it.

Latest informations and exact dates will be provided on websites of GlionLes Roches, and Ecole Ducasse.